LinkUCS - Cloud Services

Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, you can improve and better manage your customer communication with our cloud services.

Reduce you operation cost

Our cloud solutions are flexible and just as powerful as on-premise based platforms. With just a faction of on-premise based plaform cost, you start enjoying the premium features of Link UCS immediately.

Universal Access

Users can enjoy our cloud based personal call assistant services by using our Link UCS App.


We offer solutions according to your business scale and needs. Grows as you need.

Our solutions are desgined to help companies at any stage. Whether you need a long term with low cost service or a short term campaign, our service plans are flexible to meet the dynamic market demands.

Apart from cloud-services, we also offer on-premise telecom solutions to meet higher demand of control, customization and integration needs.


Link UCS is an IP-PBX and unified communication platform for any size of enterprise. It also integrates well with different brands of PABX to provide value added services.

Call Centre

Add-on module to Link UCS for vocie and text chat contact center deployment. Flexible integration with various CRM solutions.

Business Centre Solution

The business centre solution provides the secretary console, billing, conference and personal call assistant moduels. Set up your business center communication system within days.

VoIP Infrastructure

With our enormous experience in VoIP, we provide consultation and installation services to suit your communication needs