With the aids of our personal call assistant service and LinkUCS App, you will never miss a call even when you are out of town. Rate for phone calls is super low with our service. Call number will automatically be mapped to your contact once you get a visual voicemail or missed call alert. And you can listen to voicemail just like any other instant messaging app. Work efficiency is increased with our service. See below for major features of our service:

What is Visual Vociemail?

Traditionally, when you have a number of voicemails, you normally hear an automated voice telling you something that would resemble this:

“You have 3 voice messages. The first message is …”

This loops until you hear the last, and after each message, you are recited a number of options like:

“To listen to the message again, press 2; to delete the message, press 3; to listen to the next message...blah, blah...”

With visual voicemail, you have a list of the voicemail messages displayed in chronological order. Each message is already displayed with the caller name (if the phone number can be found in your phone book). So you know who and when the message is with a glimpse and you have the freedom to jump to the most important message (random access) immediately and click to listen to it.

What’s more, you have the intuitive menu with several options, which allow you re-listen, delete, call back, share out,… etc. easily.

By the way, have you ever had a need to keep an important voice message? Link UCS visual voicemail is the right answer for you.

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PCA Basic Plan


  • 1 local Hong Kong number
  • Visual Voicemail, Missed Call Alert
  • Unlimited minutes forwarding/callback to Hong Kong mobile or landline
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Optional Features

Voice Conference


Voice Logger


Live Attendant Service


Top-up Plans

Top up for international call and service charges.

Flexible top-up plans with free credits:

  • $300: $20 free credits
  • $500: $40 free credits
  • $1,000: $100 free credits
  • $2000: $250 free credits

*Prices presented are in Hong Kong Dollars