Multi-Channel Messaging Platform to Keep in Touch with Your Customers

We know how messy it is to chat with customers in different panels, so we are here to help you centralized into one single panel.

Linkchat panel

Handy Message Management Tool

  • Maximize your customer engagement with our streamlined Web-Based Messaging Interface, ideal for both inbound and outbound campaigns. Our platform offers the simplicity of a traditional instant messaging app, combined with advanced features for a superior communication experience.

    Feature Highlights:

    • Message Exchange: Swiftly send and receive text messages in real-time, keeping your customer conversations flowing.
    • Multimedia Messaging: Easily share and receive photos, videos, and documents to enrich your communication.
    • Visitor Information Editing: Update customer profiles on-the-go for accurate record-keeping.
    • Chat History Access: Retrieve previous chat sessions for reference, ensuring consistent and informed support.
    • Additional Tools: Benefit from a variety of other features designed to optimize your customer interaction process.

      Elevate your customer service with our intuitive and efficient Web-Based Messaging Interface.

Connect Across Multiple IM Services

LinkChat offers versatile support for a wide array of popular instant messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and WebChat. Easily manage your communications across these services with LinkChat's unified interface.

Automated Chat Workflow System

Our Interactive Chat Response (ICR) Menu Engine quickly tackles routine inquiries with automated flows. Customers can navigate these to find answers fast, reducing wait times and freeing up agent resources.


Easily reach your target audience with our simple broadcasting feature. With just a few clicks, send out your message to multiple recipients simultaneously.



Store and revise canned replies in our Knowledgebase for fast, consistent messaging. Use shortcuts to quickly send these pre-written responses.


Agent Management

Maintain high chat quality standards by monitoring agents' activities:

  • Tracking conversations in real time
  • Managing login and online statuses
  • Joining conversations when necessary

Boost Your Support Now

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