LinkUCS App User Guide

The dialer function supports
  1. Direct call by using mobile phone
  2. Callback to office extension
  3. Callback to your mobile phone or designate phone number
  1. Click at the "Phone Number" field to enter the destination number, or
  2. Click "Search Mobile Phone Book", or
  3. Go to Company Contacts to find the called party
  1. Enter the correct ServerHost, UserName and Password at login page
  2. Click "Activate" once within the allowed network as instructed by administrator *You cannot login without activating. *You need not to activate again unless instructed by administrator.
  3. Click Login
  1. Company contacts will automatically be downloaded from server once after login
  2. You may refresh the contact list by dragging the page downwards
  3. Click on the contact phone will bring you to the app dialer page
  1. Left swipe a call record to delete it *Only applicable to extension related call
  2. Refresh the call list by dragging the page downwards when necessary
  3. The call history page will show different types of call: -Mobile phone call(Android Only) -Extension Call -Mobile Callback(with destination number and the callback number) -Extension Callback(with destination number and the extension number)
  1. Visual voicemail(VVM) and missed call alert(MCA) will be shown
  2. For voicemail, you can click the bubble to listen
  3. Long press the message bubble to: -Callback to the caller -Delete the message -Share the recording
  4. Refresh the message list by dragging the page downwards when necessary
  1. You may pre-record your name and two different greetings
  2. Click "Record" to start the recording and click again to finish
  3. Click "Apply" to upload to server for it to take effect
FollowMe is an extension for setting your extension call forward strategy
  1. Maximum of 3 different phone numbers(other than your extension) for hunting. Each number shall be terminated with a '#' character. e.g. 98881234#
  2. Click "Apply" for the setting to take effect
  3. Click "Disable" to disable FollowMe
  4. The dot at the top right hand corner indicates the FollowMe status: Enabled,Disabled and Unknown
  5. "Initial Ring Time" is the time to ring for your extension first
  6. "FollowMe Ring Time" is the time to ring the individual phone of your hunting list
  7. If caller hangs up during hunting, a missed call message will be sent to you
  1. This is provided for your convenience to set your mobile phone to call forward to your DID (Direct Inward Dial number)
  2. Long press the button to change the mobile call forward setting
  3. Different service providers may have different  codes for activation/de-activation. Please check with your service providers.
  4. When you roam out and you want to make use of Link UCS voicemail service, we suggest you to activate your mobile phone “Unconditional” call forwarding to avoid potential roaming charge from the operator.
You will see Conference List option in multi functions page. Click on it to manage your Conference List. You can create new conference:
  1. you may optionally assign user and admin PIN
  2. "Leader Wait": wait for leader(admin)
  3. "User Count": announce user count when joining the conference
  4. "User Join Leave": announce user join/leave
  5. "Record Conference": record the conference
There are various conference status:
  1. Takling/Idle
  2. Muted/Unmuted
  3. Raise hand
Long press a party for difference operations:
  1. Kick the party out from the conference
  2. Mute/Unmute the party
  3. ACK raised hand
You may
  1. click to invite parties to join the conference within the conference status page
  2. input multiple parties in the list, and assigned it with a "Group Name" to be used again later. (Click to save the group settings)
  3. click at the top right hand corner to initiate the outbound calls to all the parties in the list
  4. click to add more entries. You may left wipe to remove an entry
  1. It shows the list of conference records
  2. You may download conference recordings
  3. You may play the conference recording (must be downloaded first)
  4. Share the downloaded file
  5. Lock the server side recorded  files by a PIN code. Warning: You must keep your own PIN code. If it is lost, the file cannot be recovered again.
  6. Delete the conference recorded file (both server side and local storage)
Go to Multi Functions page, you will see the Voice Logger option. If your administrator has enabled voice logger feature for your extension, you will be able to download and play your extension voice recordings.
It displays the general setting of the account, including:
  1. DID: your assigned direct inward dial number
  2. CID: your assigned outbound caller display number
  3. EXT: your extension
  4. Balance: your credit balance
  5. Enable/disable missed call alert
  6. Clear Message/Call older than the "Keep History Records" setting